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Prof.(Dr) Mallika Banerjee, Honorary Director, India 
Prof (Dr.) Mallika Banerjee has completed her PhD at the age of 28 years from University of Calcutta and after  30 years of service she retired from University and again teaching in IIIT as visiting Professor. She is the director of Pradip: Centre for Autism Management, a non Govt.  Organization for assesment and  reahabilitation of persons with autism.. She has published more than 50 papers in reputed journals and  and two books and several book chapters. She completed six major research  projects  and  has been serving as an expert member on autism in Rehabilitation Council of Govt. Of India.

Dr. Bonnie Meekums, United Kingdom. 

Academic Mentor of Movement Psychotherapy.

Dance Movement Psychotherapist, (Fellow of ADMP, private practice and supervision registers, UKCP registered); Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist (UKCP registered). 

A pioneer of Dance Movement Psychotherapy ( also known as Dance Movement Therapy, DMT) in the UK, Dr. Meekums was formerly a lecturer at the University of Leeds ( 2002-2015), having worked for 12 years in the NHS (adult mental health) , before moving to an academic position. Her whole approach to Dance movement therapy, which she articulates in her 2002 book Dance Movement Therapy: A creative Psychotherapeutic Approach (London: Sage) , is centered on the importance of movement metaphor within a creative therapeutic process. 

She has researched DMT for several client groups. Her PhD investigated recovery from child sexual abuse trauma, while earlier research included DMT for women with eating disorders, and for families struggling with attachment issues. More recently she has turned her attention to developing the evidence base for DMT, having completed two Cochrane Systematic Reviews (depression and dementia), and several other systematic reviews relating to older people, and people living with depression. Her book on DMT is on many training course reading lists worldwide. 

Dr. Meekums has been invited to teach or give key note conference speeches both in UK and across the world, including Croatia, Poland, Latvia, USA, China and India, and in 2020 she will also teach in New Zealand. She has been sought after as an external examiner at both masters and PhD level, having also successfully supervised several students to completion of both these degrees. She maintains a small private practice in the North-West of England. 

Dr. Mitul Sengupta  Artistic Director
/Academic Director - Rhythmosaic/ Rhythmosaic Dance Therapy, India 

Dr. Mitul Sengupta the founder member of Rhythmosaic Dance Therapy S, a registered rehabilitation psychologist, under the Rehabilitation Council of India, National Scholar and Fellow in Kathak dance, started her journey as a dance therapist in 2005. She started her work with autism in Pradip Center for Autism Management, Kolkata, with 100 children with autism, as a part of her research study. She is a Scifax NESIN - Best Research Award Winner 2020. 

She has completed her masters in psychology from University of Calcutta in 2005, and undergone intensive training in Dance Movement Therapy under Ronnie Shambik Ghose, Graduate from Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts and with special emphasis on LABAN MOVEMENT ANALYSIS, and BARTENIEFF PRINCIPLES.

She has completed her PhD in Psychology under University of Calcutta, guided by Professor Dr. Mallika Banerjee, in 2011 allied Dance Movement Therapy, where her work focuses on 100 person with autism age ranging from 3 yrs to 20 yrs and the motive was to find the "EFFECT OF DMT on AUTISM - A PSYCHOBIOLOGICAL APPROACH".

She was a Research Scholar under University of Calcutta, 2007-2010 and was appointed as a psychologist and movement therapy facilitator for the project dealing with effect of DMT and sensory integration on neurophysiological perspective in autism.

She was a guest lecturer in Rabindra Bharati University, Department of Performing Arts in Therapy. 

She is the Academic Director of the  Dance Movement Therapy, certificate and advance course, where Pradip Center For Autism Management, acts a board of affiliation and examiners. 

She felt the need to establish this course work in India in order to inform and educate people about what " Movement Psychotherapy is and how it is so needed in our day to day activity and also to overcome various problems which we and all are facing with ourselves as well as in the society. 

Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI) - A62430

NESIN 2020 - Best Research Award, Science Father
University of Calcutta - Centenary Conference on Psychology, 2015 - Best Research Award. 

Association of Rehabilitation Psychologists and Professionals, India (ARPP)
Professional Member and Ethics Committee Member - Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy - PD0061

Ronnie Shambik Ghose, India, UK

Director -Rhythmosaic

Research Interest - How 'Knowing' is articulated through the practice of contemporary movement aesthetics engaging inter-cultural perspectives ,  which proposes kinesthesia between performer and the audience. 

A Pioneer in the field of Movement Art, a scholar, choreographer, mentor and movement analyst. Shambik, is a Dean's Scholar from Leeds Beckett University, MA in Choreography, scholar from The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts and Offjazz Dance Academy France. He is a pioneer of Matt Mattox technique of jazz dance in India and have undergone intensive training in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Principles, Leigh Warren Method,  for practice in movement art and body awareness. 

Shambik is engaged in a research on a project entitled 'Çursive Body'; the project articulates and at the same time transcends the boundaries of structure and technique to realize the ÁRTISTIC SELF' of an original kinesthetic experience, informing fresh strategies for negotiating different cultural movement styles into artistic practice. The politics of using an informed cultural lineage or a style and what are the concerns needed to be addressed to embody a choreographic or a movement practice to a self realized research and an artistic immersion is their quest and practice. 

Dr. Anindita Chatterjee, India
Consultant and Academic Advisor

 Dr. Anindita Chatterjee is a Clinical Psychologist, presently practicing at the Child Guidance Clinic, Peerless Hospital. She is also a Consultant at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. Formerly she was the head of OPD & Therapeutic Intervention of Manovikas Kendra Kolkata. 

Dr. Anindita Chatterjee has over 20 years of rich experience of working with the children who learn differently. She has been professionally trained in developmental programme of PECS (to overcome communication difficulties) in London, Audiblox (to overcome learning disability) in Singapore and expanded ABA in Sydney. She is the recipient of the EU Commission Erasmus Mundus scholarship for postdoctoral study at Roehampton University, London in 2006 and was obliged with Endeavour Executive Award 2013 by the Australian Government for executive study in Sydney.
Dr. Anindita Chatterjee is an expert in Psychological Assessment, Counselling Psychology, Psychological testing, Mental Health, Psychological Therapy, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health Counselling, Child Development and many more.

Dr. Amrita Panda, India 

Program Director, Pradip Centre For Autism

Designation :Rehabilitation Psychologist, Music Therapist.

Qualifications :MSc, PhD in Rehabilitation Psychology from the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta.
Registering body:Rehabilitation Council of India
Number of years in the profession: 10 Years (Since 2007)
Areas of special interest : Disability, Music Therapy.

She has been associated with the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta for more than 8 years. She is working in the field of Disability Research with a handful of national and international publications as well as holding conference presentations across the continents.

Prasanna Saikia, India

Associate Director, Rhythmosaic

Associate Director Rhythmosaic, had undergone training in Classical Jazz Dance, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Kathak and Tap Dance from Rhythmosaic School & Dance Institute since past 10 years under the guidance of Ronnie Shambik Ghose and Dr. Mitul Sengupta. 

He is an artist per excellence and has received Scholarsip from France, Offjazz Dance Academy, Nice France to study and perform as a part of repertory of Offjazz Dance Company under the guidance of Mr Gianin Loringett and Ms. Martine Kaisserlian.  He has undergone training in Classical Jazz with Mr. Mohamed Drissi, Director, 3AMI Hong, Kong. 

He has performed in 'BOLLERO' with BEJART BALLET. 

He has performed both nationally and Internationally with Rhythmosaic in places like Royal Danish Ballet, Theater, Denmark, Belarus Philharmonic Society, Sweden, Thailand . 

He received Parkritti Jury Award in 2015 for his choreography ' DIABOLIQUE' which was also staged in Attakkalari Bienniel 2015, and traveled to places like Spain, Portugal as a part of Dance Dialogue supported by  Swiss Prohelveta , Attakalari. 

He is presently a teacher and choreographer at Rhythmosaic School & dance Institute. 


Ms. Martine Kaisserlian, France

Director, Offjazz Dance Academy France. 

Expert in Contemporary Dance &  Laban Movement Analysis.